Ubisoft: The Division Servers Going Down Tomorrow

Ubisoft has announced that The Division’s servers will go down again tomorrow. Ubisoft says this latest downtime is for maintenance and to fix a number of issues.

Ubisoft announced in the game’s forums that the server shutdown begins at 12 AM PST / 3 AM EST and runs for approximately three hours, ending at 3 AM PST / 6 AM EST if all goes to plan.

Some of the issues being fixed during the maintenance period include a problem where High Value Target missions would not reset as they should, as well as a bug that allowed players to use Mobile Cover to glitch through walls.

There is also a fix for a bug that allowed players to bypass parts of the new Clear Sky Incursion. This update will not activate the Clear Sky Challenge mode; there is still no ETA for when that might happen.

The Division June 3 Maintenance and Fix:

  • Fixed a bug where High Value Target daily missions would not reset properly
  • Fixed a bug where the final cutscene would only trigger after completing an incursion
  • Fixed instances where Mobile Cover could be used to glitch through walls
  • Fixed a bug that allowed players to skip parts of the Clear Sky Incursion
  • Added more kill volumes around Columbus Circle in Clear Skys

Some of these fixes and changes were supposed to be in an update scheduled for today. However, that patch was “unsuccessful,” Ubisoft said, and it had to be delayed. Thankfully for fans, the delay wasn’t long, though people waiting to try Clear Sky’s new Challenge Mode are going to have to wait longer.

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