Systems and Benefits of Salesforce Version Control Software

Version control is actually the capacity to manage the modification and configuration of any application. Versioning is regarded as a truly priceless process particularly when you’re faced with multiple developers operating a single application as it allows easy sharing of files. In the absence of version control, developers would be overstepping and overwriting code modifications that someone else has made without the slightest clue or realization. When you use version control systems, you are able to go on checking files and look for changes then, while checking-in, if another user has altered the files, you would certainly receive alerts and you could even merge them.
Version Control Benefits

Version control systems are highly beneficial and allow you to not only compare files but identify the differences and even merge the alterations before committing any code. It is certainly an effective way of keeping constant track of a variety of application builds. You could now easily identify exactly which version is presently in development, production, and QA. Moreover, whenever new developers are joining the team, they could easily download the present version of the app directly to their specific local environment implementing the version control system. They are successfully keeping tab on the version that is presently being run by them.

Another major benefit of versioning seems to be while troubleshooting a critical issue; you have the freedom to easily compare diverse versions of files for tracking differences. You are easily able to compare and cross-check the faulty file with the last working one, thus, cutting down on the time spent toward identifying the valid cause. If the user thinks of rolling back the modifications, you could simply go about implementing the last working file, implementing the correct version.

Hot Favorite Versioning Software

There is a host of versioning software types for both Macs and Windows such as Git, SVN, and Surround SCM. The Subversion SVN is an open source and free version control system that has been created by Apache. It is easy to use, reliable and is adept at handling both large and small scale applications.

Salesforce Git is essentially an open-source and free version control system, which is mostly a hot favorite with the Mac users. Git is particularly effective in handling a number of local branches. It helps you to have diverse code versions concurrently that you could independently choose for sharing. This implies that developers could be working on diverse needs separately, without involving a lot of hard work later for merging the versions. Salesforce GitHub integration is really super-effective.

Surround SCM is not a free version control system. You need to pay a price and licensing is also, mandatory. However, the greatest merit of Surround SCM is that it is able to provide greater security and safety than many other version control systems.

In the past when people worked with a number of developers in the absence of any effective version control system, it would certainly be a costly affair to keep constant track of the modified files, while making sure that no one was overwriting or breaking each other’s source code. On the other hand, today, the version control systems have been successful in making the entire process even more effective and efficient and are able to maintain a historical record of modifications to all applications. Professional firms and developers must consider investing in these sort of competent version control systems for providing clients with premium quality products, as well as, services.

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