Social Networking Sites: An Avenue For Ads

Product sales are useless when it is not promoted to the public. For advertising companies, it is effective for them to promote a brand in places that are generally crowded. Have you ever noticed that there are dozens of billboards on street sections that are prone to heavy traffic? How about the ads that are on landmarks where most tourists are visiting? These ideas revolve on capturing the attention of the public, especially their target audience.

Young professionals comprise the majority of today’s consumers. The Internet has been their dwelling place, and they do a lot of things online whether for work or private matters. Mostly they use it to communicate with clients while they are working. Some of them use their voice over IP phones or RingCentral apps to contact their companies easily with its extraordinary calling features. In addition, the Internet is a way for them to learn and express their daily situation or dealings through social networking sites.

Advertising On Facebook

Advertising on FacebookFor advertising companies, there is no need to print billboards and tarpaulin ads for their clients because they can simply upload a softcopy of their ads on social networking sites. One of the reasons why Facebook is popular for marketing companies is because it hosts a lot of users who are students and professionals. It also provides an easy way to browse new updates from friends within their neighborhood and even abroad. Communication is no longer a problem within the Facebook community due to the availability of private messaging, chat, and video calling powered by voice over IP technology.

Aside from providing an avenue for personal interaction, Facebook also entertained the concept of advertising. For companies that promote their brands, it is easy for them to advertise through images, posts, and direct links that they share on their profiles or accounts. The advantage of this feature is that it could appear to anyone who is not even connected to the company’s account.

Aside from this, business companies who have their own accounts can make fan pages. These pages can create a virtual community that is spearheaded by the company. It lets the business, and their clients and consumers communicate directly through comments. The Share feature is also available for other people to endorse the brand if they think it is effective and useful. The company can also use this feature as a barometer of the influence that they have on the site; the more shares and likes, the better.

Twitter: An Advertising Phenomenon

twitter-tips-tricksHowever, business executives realized that making a Facebook account for their entrepreneurial initiatives is insufficient. Some companies have been hiring celebrities to endorse their products and services, and for a very steep price. Some of these celebs are on Twitter, another social media platform, to engage with their followers while they promote a certain company or brand.

Twitter is a good venue for marketing because it enables its users to update and post their thoughts on the web. Their followers can easily read posts since the site just requires a minimum of 140 characters per tweet. Users can post about how they enjoy a certain product and how it is beneficial to their friends.

There are times that they are paid to endorse their product in a certain span of time and evade talking about other competing brands. In addition, they can even sync their Twitter accounts to other social network accounts or on photo-sharing sites so that their followers can see pictures of the products they are using.

Facebook and Twitter are two social networking sites that have redefined the power of advertisement. These sites attract millions of people on the Internet and invite thousands of people to create their own accounts every day. With the increase of Internet users, products can be visible to the public and sales are expected to increase.

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