#ResignCameron#ResignCameron, #CurseDavidCameron 2 of Britain’s popular tweets after Panama Papers admission.

#ResignCameron was Twitter’s top worldwide Twitter trend by Friday morning after British Prime Minister David Cameron admitted Thursday that he had owned shares in his late father’s Panamanian trust.

It seemed like every front page in the U.K. was plastered with headlines about Cameron’s admission in an ITV interview.

Here are some of the tweets:

A scene from the British comedy Father Ted came to mind for many

You can always rely on a good father ted meme… #resigncameron pic.twitter.com/AbV9DPCpKR

“That money was just resting in my account.” #resigncameron pic.twitter.com/Xp9hcF52R3

A tweet from Cameron’s account from May 2015 — about doing the right thing and paying your taxes — started being passed around, prompting a scathing Frank Underwood reaction GIF from the account for the Netflix show House of Cards.

.@David_Cameron pic.twitter.com/BrgljZmAHu

Amid the calls for Cameron’s resignation were some hilariously creative oaths against the prime minister posted using the hashtag #CurseDavidCameron.

May all your biscuits be broken, your tea be weak and your milk at least a month old #CurseDavidCameron

May you put your recycling bins out on the day for general waste collection. #CurseDavidCameron

May your USB never go in the right way #cursedavidcameron

May he go outside bare foot in the dark and stand on a slug.#CurseDavidCameron

May all crisp packets you open have a highly unequal distribution of flavour. One really strong crisp, the rest plain. #CurseDavidCameron.

May this all end up getting forgotten within a couple of weeks, because I still want your legacy to be the pig thing. #cursedavidcameron

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