Three Must Have Project Management Tools

Project management tools-evernote, wunderlist, tabexProject management is a task that comes with its own headaches. We spent days trying to optimize processes and reduce the amount of manual work in the attempt to save our time and increase efficiency. Sadly, we still spend considerable time in our process.

When you manage a project you get caught in a variety of diverse situations, but typically three things will always happen to you. For one you will be in a meeting and you’ll get notes about tasks to do, you will also need to prioritized tasks and finally in a way or another you will have to create spreadsheets with data, deadlines and entry data from other documents.

We have found three interesting tools that will help you reduce the time you invest in each of these tasks and maybe enjoy some coffee or dedicate yourself to more enticing activities

evernote project management toolEvernote is a software and cloud service that allows you to take notes in a variety of ways. Originally the service allowed you to get clips from websites, tags them and retrieve whenever you have need. This function was marketed as “webclipper”. The service today has spun off in variety of tools and feature to take notes , tag them and retrieve them at a different time. Note can be taken in different media formats including audio, video , pictures and obviously text. The user interface is agile and Evernote comes in different flavours, desktop, web browser edition and mobile. The different clients work seamlessly well with one another and they synch up pretty rapidly. When you enter info on your mobile you’ ll have it on your desktop or on the browser pretty soon. Certainly a very useful tool for your project management duties.

wunderlist project management toolWunderlist Is an exceptional task management software. As Evernote it comes in different flavours, mobile, web and desktop. Wunderlist has key features that helps you prioritize tasks, you can create different projects and sub tasks within each project. Each task can be easily moved up or down in priority and the software lets you enter a completion date. Wunderlist will remind you of when a task is due in a variety of ways, including sound notifications and push through notifications on your desktop or your mobile. At times this function can be a bit intrusive but it is certainly effective to remind you a task. What is even more interesting about Wunderlist is that you can for example take a picture with your mobile and in matter of a second have that picture attached to the task. You can than access the picture from your desktop or the web in just a few seconds. Wunderlist is a valuable weapon in your project management journey.

Tabex project management toolTabex, is an excellent tool for data entry, pdf to excel conversion and managing spreadsheet data. There is no more boring, error prone, activity than data entry. Sadly so data entry is crucial in project management. You receive data from all sources and often from scanned pdf documents or pdf documents all together. Tabex is a cloud services that offers the ability to convert pdf to excel, pdf to xml and pdf to CSV. The tool has a user friendly interface that allows you to load multiple files which really saves you lots of time when you have several file to convert from pdf to excel online. It’s user interface also gives you the ability to set the type of output you want , for example multi and single excel sheets as well as the language and other interesting parameters that help you customize your output. Tabex is optimized for pdf tables extraction and to convert pdf tables to excel. The tool offers you the ability to create templates and apply them seamlessly to a variety of documents. Suppose you always need to process one document type, Tabex allows you to extract only certain data fields from pdf to excel or to xml. As a results you can create composite spreadsheets of data assembled from multiple documents. This approach allows to create data summary sheets in both excel of Google Sheets. This is a very neat feature that saves you lot of time. Finally, it offers also other interesting solutions such as extracting jpg and png pictures from PDF files. You can use Tabex to convert pdf to Jpg or pdf to png. Tabex is a very valuable project management tool for data entry and data aggregation.

PM is a fantastic online project management software that lets users control every aspect of their projects. The software is designed for teams to collaborate and complete tasks from anywhere in the world. has several key tools that really make it powerful, such as the Gantt chart, status reporting and real-time project dashboard. Being able to attach videos, images, docs and discussions to each task, both from the mobile app and online, we found to be a powerful way to track project deliverables from product to ship. Also love the ability to track time across multiple projects with the visual dashboards. Powerful tool for creative and dev teams looking for a hybrid, collaboration tool.

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