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So, if you are not a stay-at-home kind, and you have energies that emit form your soul every second. You have a passion to explore the world. You have a flare to write down your stories and share them with friends and family. You have undergone different situations during your voyage and you have experience that is a result of meeting different people from different parts of the world. You want to write down everything you come across and you wish to share your memories once you get back home. But your friends keep on bugging you to update them, and you do not know what apps could make that possible.You should know that there are some brilliant travel blogging apps that will allow you to stay connected with friends and family and let you share your experiences with them in no time.

love-for-travelMany people think, is that possible? Travelling literature has without doubts gained fame via blogs! These platforms allow adventure seekers to stay in constant interaction with all those interested in what they have to share. Tablets and smart phones introduce many applications that allow bloggers to easily share their venture tid-bits with others. The innovators of such apps are without doubts Android and IOS. The article will now provide information regarding travel blogging applications:

Trip color:
The more colorful the better: This amazing application allows users to share their adventures by adding lovely colors to the images. If you do not have internet connectivity, not an issue, as the spots that were created offline will be automatically uploaded when there’s internet available. Also Printed postcards can be later mailed and shared with family and friends. The app has some great photo filters, which can enhance images and their beauty. The entire trip can be shared via social media platforms like face book, email and twitter.

Jauntlet Travel blog and map:
This application allows individuals to record their entire trip. Travelers can easily create a complete journal of their travel with pictures and maps which they can later show to friends. This application allows you to easily plan your entire trip and route. Also it can let you follow other travelers sharing their journey experiences. This application allows users to bring on one platform all the things: face book posts, ‘four square check-ins’, twitter tweets and Instagram pictures.

Trip journal:
This application is available for iPhone, Android and Symbian, and lets users to keep record of their vacation fun and entertainment. Trip journal allows travelers to share their real time experiences and let people stare at what fun you are having. Trip stats such as location details, geography and time are all viewable through trip journal so that can prove to be real informative for others. The innovators of this application promise to provide more to their users as they want to make this app a real-time fun for travelers.

This applications offer in a bundle- Unlimited blog entries, unlimited photo uploads and an additional library of pictures. You may choose from any. Also one may easily keep a permanent record of the entire trip, also he/she has the option of booking hotels/resorts and making accommodation arrangements using this application. Internet connectivity is again not a problem; one may update all the data recorded offline once you are connected to internet.

Go wander:
It is a brilliant application that lets you celebrate your memories later by saving them, even when you are offline. As the name suggest, go wander is just another idea of letting you sway with your travel. You can create pictures, videos, audio and text via this app. geo-tagging is another benefit that comes with this application. Users can geo-tag their location and boast of it via other social media tools. SD card wills tore all your files and the exciting details of the trip , you may view later.

If you have not come across this app being an Ipad user, you just need to open up your Ipad now. This amazing appp lets you drag and drop pictures from face book, picasa ,instagram , and flickr. Same goes for videos; they can be picked up from youtube and vimeo and posted in the blog swiftly. Blogsy basically supports all platforms like wordpress , blogger, meta web blog etc. and your text can be formatted plus marked down with an extended keyboard.

Travel pod:
This application allows you to print your blog in form of a book .again many social media websites like face book and twitter can be easily connected to travel pod, letting bloggers update their friends by regularly posting pictures of events. The best part is that an individual can enjoy his /her own schedule by updating a blog anywhere at any time. The plus point is that you can chart over all miles you have covered in your trip and boast them off on groups and forums.

MaPquest will let you synchronize your blog from travel blogs & or any IOS device and will let you document all your travels. Everlater users can easily get this app to continue their blogs here but One thing should be however kept in mind that signing with a new id and password will automatically update all your blogs to mapquest.

Finally, referring to the most widely and easy to use blogging application-wordpress brought onto screen the idea of blogging. It helps you create posts and comment on other articles. The mobile application is just an easy to use version of the original website. WordPress also lets the bloggers connect to other social media platforms very easily.

For people who have this flare to travel around the world know how it feels meeting people from different cultures, Learning different languages and getting amazed at wonders of mother nature. Benefiting from blogging and micro blogging, travelers can explain their feelings using pictures of high quality and let their followers relish the essence of beauty sitting at their homes!

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