New GPS Tracking Equipment Infographic Released By Rhino Fleet Tracking

Rhino Fleet Tracking has listed five unique Recovery Stories made possible by Using Assset Tracking Devices, via the medium of an infographic to convey detailed information visually.

Operating a fleet of vehicles can be a logistical challenge at the best of times, and requires organisational expertise as well as the ability to respond quickly and flexibly to sudden changes. The only way companies can manage a fleet effectively in the 21st century is through fleet tracking, which helps head office to understand exactly what is going with every vehicle at all times. Rhino Fleet Tracking is a leading provider of GPS tracking for both vehicles and equipment, and has just published a new infographic detailing five times vehicles and equipment were successfully recovered thanks to fleet tracking equipment.


Rhino Fleet Tracking uses the infographic to describe five varied and unique circumstances in which GPS Tracking Equipment came to the rescue. These include a defense contractor recovering a stolen missile truck, a school bus being used out of hours to shuttle prostitutes, and equipment like charity donation bins and even dishwashers being successfully tracked down and recovered.

The infographic is part of a continuing outreach program by the company, designed to show the myriad ways in which a GPS tracker can be an invaluable tool in modern society, for businesses of any size, seeking to manage or protect their assets effectively in the 21st century.

A spokesperson for Rhino Fleet Tracking explained, “We are pleased to be able to share some of these amazing stories on our blog, which we use to detail the surprising ways in which we have come through on behalf of clients. With an A+ BBB Rating and a guarantee our clients will always speak to a dedicated accounts team in the US, and an unbeatable $16.95 price point, we are well known for delivering on the customer experience fundamentals. This infographic shows just some of the times we’ve gone the extra mile, and helps people imagine more ways to make use of our services.”

Rhino Fleet Tracking systems optimize fleet performance for companies of all sizes. Rhino works with customers in all 50 United States, and in many countries across the globe, to deliver the optimal tracking solutions for vehicles and equipment, customized to the specific needs and requirements of each client.

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