GPS tracking system leads to missing generator

GPS trackers are very useful for businesses as it provides a lot when it comes to fleet tracking. It improves business efficiency by tracking a fleet of vehicles may it be trucks or vans for transporting goods or cars for employees. It can also be used to also simplify bookkeeping tasks. By using a GPS surveillance system, you can have a detailed report containing relevant information such as a time stamped listing of vehicle activity for any location which can minimize data loss and inaccurate information.

While these GPS tracking devices were mainly used for fleet tracking, it can also be used for locating and recovering a stolen property like vehicles, trucks, and even machines such as a generator. Like for instance what happened in Houston River Road in Westlake this November 21, 2017. A stolen generator from a work site was located and recovered because of a GPS tracking device installed on it.


Local authorities from Houston River Road in Westlake responded to a complaint where a generator costing around $1,200 was stolen and located on Eddy Street in Lake Charles with the use of the GPS tracker installed on it.
Cmdr. James McGee, Calcasieu Parish Sheriff’s Office spokesman said that when they arrived at the said location, they found the missing generator as well as a second one belonging to the same business. The company said that they were not aware that it was missing since they have lost signal for the second generator around March.

George Edwards, III, 31, and Joey P. Hanchett, 36 were arrested after questioning on one count each of theft between $1,000 and $5,000. A bond of $10,000 was set by Judge David Ritchie.

These cases shows the benefits of a having a GPS tracking device especially for businesses having generators, cars, trucks and anything that is valuable. But in order to reap the benefit of GPS tracking systems, it is wise to buy them from a reputable GPS solutions provider like Rhino Fleet Tracking. This firm can provide you with the GPS devices you need to run a business safely and efficiently.

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