Getting A Functional GPS Tracking Software

The market is full of different GPS tracking products meant for different uses now that the tracking has become more accessible and affordable. However, you may not be sure of the best product to use for your needs. Choosing the wrong product would mean that you will not achieve your set goals. Here a few tips for selecting the right GPS tracking software.

Determine the purpose for which you are buying the GPS software. If you require a personal tracking system, a small handheld device would be okay. Moreover, you would not need to have advanced software. Fleet management and covert tracking, on the other hand, would need a system that is more advanced. In addition, the system should give you the required information in addition to enabling you to interact with the data for planning purposes.
GPS tracking software

In the words of TrackWhatMatters, the software that you choose should be able to accommodate more units as your business expands. It is important to ask the service provider how many units that the software can handle at a given time. It would be easier to add more units and devices in future without requiring the change of software.

You can choose to buy proprietary or open platform software. Open platforms accept a wide range of devices from different manufacturers. It would be a good choice if you preinstalled GPS tracking in some vehicles. However, most open platforms are devoid of more advanced feature and do not readily accept upgrades for better performance. The proprietary platforms have more advanced features and are easily upgradeable. The providers are also able to offer better support to the users.

Decide if you require real-time information on the status of the vehicle when in the field or just alerts when there is a problem. Most service providers require a monthly subscription to enable that feature. Real-time reporting enables you to know information of your vehicle even when there are no problems.

Your choice software should enable you to customize your dashboard and offer user-friendly access to such information as the operational cost per vehicle, history of failures, and the maintenance schedules are due. It shows the completion rates of preventive maintenance and other vehicle information. You can use such information to plan and determine where large chunks of your costs are going. Moreover, it can help work on ways of cutting on the costs.

Other features that may be beneficial for fleet management include enabling integration to the ERP system, the drivers issue reporting system or the part cataloging system and any other important tools. It should also alert you when the driver qualifications are up for renewing, when the car requires inspection or when various permits and licenses are about to expire.

Choose a reputable GPS software provider. The firm should offer quality support and diagnose problems whenever they occur. Moreover, the firm should offer periodical updates and train you on the use of the software. Ask for other clients who are using similar software and their experiences. It helps determine the likely performance and the reliability of the service provider.

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