#CameronTaxSongs#CameronTaxSongs is Storming Twitter!

#RESIGNCAMERON stormed Twitter since Friday after the Panama Papers admission. But now, #CameronTaxSongs is trending on Twitter.

Here are some of the tweets:

HRH Terry Australis ‏@AustralisTerry
Money money money It’s a rich man’s world #CameronTaxSongs

Celestine ‏@CelestineBee
Dont blame it on the sunshine Dont blame it on the moonlight Dont blame it on the good times Blame it on the hedge fund #CameronTaxSongs

Sumnertime sadness ‏@SumnerFling
Every move you make, every law you break, every huge mistake, all the tax you evade, we’ll be watching you #CameronTaxSongs

David Jones ‏@djoneslawyer

“Like a Virgin (islands) Taxed for the very first time” #CameronTaxSongs

Paul Bernal ‏@PaulbernalUK
It ain’t what you own, it’s the place that you hide it, by Panamarama #CameronTaxSongs

Boboty ‏@robyatkins
If you tax me now, you’ll take away the biggest part of me #CameronTaxSongs

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