Build A Render Farm Using Your Old Computers For Cinema 4D With Team Render

With all the fast and really powerful computers today, you may be thinking of what you are going to do with your old computers. Well, our friends from Greyscalegorilla just posted a video on Youtube about turning your old computers into a render farm for Cinema 4D with team render. Cool huh?

The tutorial video will walk you through the setup to speed up your rendering and workflow in Cinema 4D by setting up a team render farm using your old or new computers.

The video will also describe or talk about what team rendering is, what it does, the pitfalls and helpful tips. It will also show you how it helps with animation and other kinds of stuff.

C4D Team Rendering Pitfalls you may Encounter

  • Physical and Standard render is only usable through team render. If you are using Arnold for C4D, V-ray¬†for C4D or any other plugins, you may need to buy another version of the renderer.
  • Studio version of C4D covers unlimited clients which mean you can install it on as many computers as you have. But if you have the Broadcast & Visualize version, you can only use it up to 3 clients or computers.
  • All plugins and fonts must be installed on all clients or computers of the farm.
  • Use of Ethernet connection is recommended over WIFI.
  • Always bake your animations or dynamics renders.
  • Make sure to use the same C4D versions on all your machines.

You can watch the tutorial video below. Make sure your old machines are working properly and ready to go. Goodluck.

Setting Up Old Computers Into A Render Farm For Cinema 4D With Team Render

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