6 Twitter Tips and Tricks to Help Promote Your Business

twitter-tips-tricksIn Twitter, you have to learn how to build your followers in order to make your marketing successful. If your business is not yet a popular brand, you will have to go the extra mile and make an effort. Luckily, you already have access to information on how you too can make this work. Social media experts have shared some of their secrets and here are just some of these.

Trick 1: Take the time to customize your page.

In real life, your personality will contribute to your success. The same can be said when you are trying to promote a business online. Give your business its own personality by learning to customize your Twitter page. The easiest way to get business have the recall factor is by having your own logo. Never start a business by not having a logo. This will represent your brand. You can display the logo as your profile picture in Twitter. Aside from having a unique profile picture, you should also learn how to make your background image desirable for your audience.

Trick 2: Choose whom to follow.

When someone follows your page, it is a common notion that you should follow back. However, whom you follow matters. Choose only connections that you think will have something to contribute to your business. You can use their posts and re-tweet these if you think your followers will find these interesting. With this said, do not forget your own followers. Try to engage in conversations and keep them interested in your Twitter page by having a daily update. Never make the mistake of following thousands of users when you just opened your account since the website will mark you as a spammer.

Trick 3: Be interesting.

Do not just rely on re-tweeting somebody else’s stuff. You should also learn to come up with your very own tweets. Make these as interesting as possible so that your followers will consider re-tweeting your posts. When they do, your tweets are blasted through the social media site which will gain your business better exposure in the end. Do not just talk about your products and services. Learn to divert from these topics once in a while and discuss hot topics like the latest trends.

Trick 4: Be visible.

Tweets come and go in a split second. Your tweet now can easily be drowned by somebody else’s tweet. Tweet when it matters most. People will often log into their Twitter accounts during leisure hours like lunch breaks. If you can tweet every hour, this would be ideal. However, you also have to consider the location of your target audience. Gauge the particular times when they are logged into their Twitter accounts. Who would be able to read your tweet if they are already asleep?

Trick 5: Make your website mobile friendly.

Most people nowadays make use of their smartphones when using social media sites. Business pages often link their posts to their official website. Even if your Twitter page can be easily read with the use of a smartphone, your links will be useless to a mobile user if he has trouble viewing your website. The next time he sees your tweets pointing back to your website, this will then be ignored because he will not be able to see these anyway. If you haven’t considered going mobile friendly yet, now is the time to talk to your website designer.

Trick 6: Advertise if you can.

There are different ways by which you can promote your Twitter page. One of these is by linking these to other social media pages. You can also purposely have this printed in the business cards of the employees of your company.

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