5 Things Every Entrepreneur Should Value

entrepeneurWhat does your business value? A company that doesn’t state what it values often falls into disarray. Values are what shape your company culture; they are timeless, and they don’t change. If these values are left unspoken, employees are left in confusion. What exactly is your company aiming for? Goals, which are a reflection of what you value, motivate people to work out differences when problems arise. What you value also resonates with your customers and partners; people support what they believe in. Profit is only a result of the right values. If you haven’t clearly stated or thought about what you value, then it’s time to start now. Here are some suggestions:

  1. Passion – Passion is what your heart desires. This is what you want to do. People say that if you know where your passions lie, you will find your purpose. What will your company be passionate about? What will be your reason for existence? A company that single-mindedly pursues its passion will find like-minded partners along the way.
  2. Excellence – One tragic mistake that any company can make is hiring people solely because of their talent or passion, rather than their excellence. Excellence can be seen not merely by what a person can do but also through hard work. If you have the talent, but you don’t value working hard, then you can’t create the best possible result for your work. Your talents show only your potential for success.Talent and great ideas are key ingredients to achieve goals. But you also need to have the drive to do the actual cooking if you want to serve something edible to your customers. For you to achieve excellence, you’d sometimes have do the same old boring strokes and adjust when the situation calls for it. You’d also have to work beyond what is required. If you’re a company that values excellence, look for employees who have the same standards of excellence as you.
  3. Integrity – Integrity means acting honestly and honorably. While integrity demands moral excellence, it doesn’t mean that you have to be perfect. Rather, it means that you have the strength of character to learn from failures and seek improvement. Integrity leads to accountability, the value of taking responsibility for your actions and decisions. Integrity is what breeds trust, making it a critical value for any company.
  4. Balance – Companies with a commitment to work-life balance are proactive in helping ensure that employees are not only being productive at work but are also fulfilling their other roles in society. You may feel that you have a healthy workforce when most people work beyond office hours every day of the week to the point of neglecting other duties outside work.However, this often leads to burn out. Companies that give value to work-life balance are concerned about their employees’ overall health and well-being. They take care of their employees, because they believe that these employees are an integral part of the company.
  5. Solutions – Solutions solve the needs of the target audience you want to serve. The drive to find solutions lead companies to discovery, creativity, and innovation. Businesses profit because they can fill a need in the world, or at least, a certain segment of society. A company that provides practical and sustainable solutions will most likely always find loyal customers.

Values direct the course of your company. You may add or exclude some points on this list, but the important thing is for you determine what your values are.

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