3 Easy Ways to Keep Track of Your Favorite Blog Sites

With the sheer number of amazing bloggers nowadays, it is harder to keep track of all the blogs you want to read. Sometimes, you may even end up unsubscribing to most of them. But there are just some blogs out there that are too inspirational and helpful to part with. These are the blogs that keep you reading and clicking page after page after page. If you too many of these kinds of blogs, you can follow these helpful tips in keeping track of all of them:


  1. Subscribe via RSS – One of the simplest and most popular ways is to use this fantastic tool called RSS (Really Simple Syndication). Just to illustrate how magically simple this is, you just need to open one of your favorite blog sites, find the RSS button, hit subscribe and add it to your preferred reader. This reader aggregates the content of all the blogs you subscribed to, so you can simply scroll through all of them in one page. I personally use Google Reader, since I find it the most convenient. Google Reader lets you easily search for feeds and add them to your list of content. It also allows you to share favorite posts using Google+ or email, mark posts as unread, and add tags.
  2. Subscribe via e-mail – If the blog doesn’t have an RSS subscription button or you’d rather scroll through your blog lists one by one, then you can look subscribe to the blog via email. The problem with this method is that you may get an overwhelming barrage of messages in your inbox if you subscribe to a lot of blogs. I use the Mail filters in my Yahoo email account to keep my email subscriptions organized. For instance, I have a filter for inspirational blogs, technology blogs, and business blogs. This way, each blog goes to the appropriate folder, which I can conveniently view depending on what I want to read for the moment. You can also keep a separate filter for some of the individual blogs you want to track.
  3. Use social bookmarking sites – If you want to keep track of blog links you can use a social bookmarking site like delicious. This lets you access blog entries you bookmarked on any computer. The bookmarks are kept organized, so you can retrieve and store links easily. The added advantage of this is that you can even share your links to or read links from people who use the same social bookmarking service. An alternative to delicious is Diigo, which lets has additional functions such as save bookmarks privately by default, save images and notes, highlight and add sticky notes, automatically bookmark Twitter favorites, and organize your bookmarks into a list and show them in a slide. Best part is, Diigo also has feature tools for iPad, Android, and iPhone.

You don’t need to drown in blogs when you follow these three easy tips. Which method do you prefer to keep track of all the blogs you want to read? Do you have any additional tips? Add them below.

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