100 Years of Lipstick Trends Video

Watch the 100 Years of Lipstick Trends from 1920’s up to today’s trends in this amazing video to see all of the lipstick looks every decade.

The 100 Years of Lipstick Trends Video was made possible by Allure Magazine and Youtube Beauty Master Kandee Johnson showing how lipstick color and application has evolved over the last century.

See below for some of the notable Lipstick trends:

The 1916, Rogue, packed in a clay pot was the most popular trend in lip cosmetic.

The 1920s were all about deep lip shapes applied in such a precise pout that women sometimes used a stencil to get it right. Browns, plums and cherries were favored colors.

Matte lips, like today’s lipstick trends, were all the rage in the late 30s.

During the 40s, bright red and orange pigments were the standard lip colors.

The early 2000s saw icy/frosted and glossy lip colors flying off the shelves.

Today, deep berry shades and overdrawn lips are a trending look on social media.

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