Smart Water Sprinklers

In the U.S., the residential landscape water usage is around 9 billion gallons per day. According to irrigation experts, around 50% of outdoor water is wasted because of irrigation controllers do not have a timer and they do not have the advanced technology, which is causing wastage of water by over-watering the landscapes. With advanced and smart water controllers and technology you can save water as they send singles to the valves only when plants need water, and also they send signals according to the weather conditions.

These smart controllers reduce outdoor water usage and help you save a lot of money significantly. The best smart controllers are certified as WaterSense irrigation controllers, which are considered as a thermostat for your water sprinkler system. These controllers tell when to turn on and turn off and modify the watering schedules according to the local weather condition. The water sprinkler controllers that use clock and present schedule does not work like smart watering controllers that are certified, these controllers facilitate the watering schedule to match the plant’s water requirement. With proper programming, installation and maintenance you can use smart controllers you don’t need to worry about watering the landscape, or wastage of water, or over-watering. Not just that, you can also save a lot of money.

Smart Irrigation Controllers:
These smart irrigation controllers are wireless controllers, which control the watering the landscape remotely with your smart device. These smart controllers contain:

  • Built-in real-time climate condition data
  • It allows you to control the system from any part of the world using your Ethernet and WiFi connection
  • You can connect with moisture sensors fixed in your yard
  • It helps you save a lot of money by limiting your water consumption.

Here you can find the best smart controllers that are available on the market.

Blossom Smart Controller:
The blossom is a simple, affordable and smart controller that offers the best solution for your water and landscaping problems. It uses weather acumen to pull the data automatically from the different weather forecast service and makes adjustments significantly according to the local weather conditions. You just need to give details of the yard’s plant types and the smart controller modifies the accurate water schedule for the landscape and for each vegetation. This smart controller makes all vital decisions and allows you to control the system through your Smartphone, computer or tablet.

BlueSpray Smart Controller
BlueSpray is an advanced web-enabled smart water sprinkler controller. It is totally different from the conventional controllers that are programmed with confusing buttons and dials. You can control BlueSpray with your computer, Smartphone or tablet with easy to use UI. It has inbuilt WiFi, and it has a flexible scheduling and adjust the water usage according to the weather conditions and season.

Eve Smart Controller:
Eve is the next generation water controller that is smartly designed to save money, water, and time. The Eve ecosystem checks the moisture in the soil in the yard and accordingly it uses its watering system. It is one of the best choices if you are looking to replace your existing controller. Install few wireless moisture sensors in your yard, and with your Smartphone, you can control the system remotely.

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